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Best Seats for SF Giants

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Oracle Park Seating

Ticket Availability:
Even before the Giants were capturing World Series crowns, Oracle Park was drawing great crowds - so we expect this to be another exciting season at the ballpark. Couple that with a lively atmosphere at arguably the nicest ballpark in the world, you can expect tickets to be nearly sold out through the Giants Box Office again this season. Despite that, there are actually plenty of tickets to be bought online at reasonable prices through reputable secondary brokers like Ticket Network and Ticket Liquidator For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.
Sun vs Shade:
First base line seats are the first to become shaded, so choose seats along this side if you are looking for shade. All outfield seats, including bleachers, are exposed to the sun; for night games, this is only a factor for the first couple innings.
There are many ways to get to Oracle Park using public transportation. However, getting out of Oracle Park on public transportation can be very difficult as it can get crowded in a hurry. Be sure to have a exit plan before you go. If you are going to drive to the ballpark, as with all urban ballparks, it is recommended that you BUY YOUR PARKING ONLINE IN ADVANCE.
Reselling Tickets ("scalping"):
Reselling tickets at any price in, on, or around Oracle Park property is prohibited.

Best View in Oracle Park


Field Club and Premium Lower Box 107-124:
Lower level seats around the infield offer the best view of the game, and a chance to get foul pop-ups. Additionally, the Field Club seats offer access to the private clubs at Oracle Park - although with seats this good you may not want to leave your seats.

Great view from Field Club section 124
Oracle Park Seating View section 124

Virgin America Club Level Infield 207-225:
These are 2nd level seats between the dugouts around homeplate with a great birds-eye view of the game. Surprisingly for a second level, it does not seem elevated -- you feel like you are right on top of the action. As a bonus, located right behind these seats is the Virgin America Club, an indoor (climate-controlled!) promenade to get your concessions and warm up on cool San Francisco nights.


Arcade 151-152:
These seats are not only a long way from the action, but are also tucked under the club level seats of section 201, obstructing the view of fly balls. See for yourself:

Oracle Park - Obstructed view from Arcade Section 152

Oracle Park Section 152 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

View Reserve Left Field 333-336:
A long way from the action, and elevated - not a great combo for a good view.

Oracle Park - View Reserve Left Field Section 334

Oracle Park Section 334 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Value Seats at Oracle Park


FREE - Portwalk Knotholes:
You can actually watch the game for free from outside the stadium, along the Right Field Portwalk. The view is available on a first-come/first-serve basis for up to 24 people, but you only get to watch for 3 innings, as the the area is cleared after the 3rd, 6th, and 9th innings.

Free viewing from the Knotholes along the Portwalk

View Box 304-327:
These top deck sections vary from 3 to 7 rows, consisting of the first rows on this level. Although seats up here run in the $30-$40 range, if you comparison shop on sites such as Vivid Seats and TicketNetwork, you can occasionally find these for under $20. Sections along the 1st base line Sections 304-308 offer a great view of the field, the Bay Bridge, and the bay.

Seating view from View Box 307
View Box 307 View

View Reserved 310-323:
These are the upper level seats around homeplate, between the dugouts, in the rows just behind the View Box described above. We'd recommend the first 7 rows here, (which is effectively row 14 and lower). For upper level seats, the view is not bad, and you can actually find these tickets for under $20 for most games on Ticket Network.

Best Seats for Families at Giants Games

Oracle Park offers a number of amenities/distractions for young fans, most located along the outfield promenade. There are also 8 family restrooms, a wristband program to aid in reuniting lost children with parents, and the opportunity for kids to run the bases after Sunday games (exit the stadium and re-enter in right field). Stroller storage is behind section 119.


Bleachers 136-144:
Because there are no discounted tickets for children, we chose some of the lower cost seats that are close to the majority of children's amenities. Also, as these are in left field, you don't need to contend with the sun shining right in your child's face. As bleacher seats, they are not the most comfortable, but do allow for spreading out a bit. Among the nearby amenities for children, there are 4 slides in the Coke bottle behind this section, "Little Giants Park" (a miniature baseball field), photo booths, "Make your Own Lou Seal", and a retired cable car in Right-Center field. On the lower level in center field are batting cages and a speed pitch game.

Lower Box 126-135:
These are regular seats on the lower level down the third-base line, conveniently located between the children's amenities on the outfield promenade, and stroller storage near the plate at section 119. Additionally, they're close to the Giants bullpen, offering a good view of the game and easy access to one of the sections for autograph Sundays (sections 126/127). Also, these are among the first sections to be in the shade as the sun sets.

Oracle Park - Lower Box Section 130 View

Oracle Park Section 130 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seats for The Social Scene in Oracle Park


Virgin America Club Level - 202-234:
The Virgin America Club runs the entire length of the Club level, located right behind the seating sections. You can literally walk from one end to the other, passing numerous bars and eating areas (while keeping warm and enjoying the view of the game). You'll also find the World Series trophy in here. The view from up here is nice, too.

View from Club Level Seats

Bleachers 136-144:
Really, this entire ballpark is among the more social ballparks in the league, but there's something about sitting in close proximity to others on the cold San Francisco nights that can turn strangers into fast friends.

Best Seats for Impressing Guests at Oracle Park


Field Club Lower Box seats 107-124:
Excluding the obvious seats right behind the plate and the dugouts, these seats are a few rows back with impressive game and ballpark views and access to both the Premium Clubs (Virgin America Club and Field Club). These will still go for around $200 on sites such as TicketNetwork but are well worth it if you are looking to make an impression, particularly on a small group. As a bonus, you will get to view the World Series trophy in the Virgin America Club, located on the Club level behind home plate.

Field Club Lower Box View
Impressive Seats at SF Giants

Virgin America Club Level Infield 207-225:
These are club level seats between the dugouts around homeplate, and offer a great view of the action, the stadium, and access to the clubs. The Virgin America Club is directly behind these sections, which will allow you to warm up inside while still being able to see the game. Tickets here have been found for certain games for as little as $125 on Ticket Network

Seats offering access to the Virgin America Club allow you to see the World Series trophy
Virgin America Club

Triples Alley:
If you are accomodating a group of 50 or more, you may want to consider hosting a party ON THE FIELD before the game. You will watch batting practice on the field while enjoying food and beverages, then you will move to your Lower Box seats 30 minutes before game time by walking along the warning track! Call the Giants directly for more information at (415) 972-2298.

Pregame festivities on the field in Triples Alley
on field pre-game party before Giants game

Best Seats for Getting a Baseball at Oracle Park


Bleachers 136-139:
These 4 sections of Left Field bleachers are closest to the left field line, and are the place to be during batting practice to snag a home run. Although not as scenic and well known as the Arcade sections in right field, these have plenty of rows, and are closer to the plate than right field Arcade - meaning, there will be more home run balls to land in this section during a typical batting practice session than in right field. Also, because of the popularity of the Arcade, you will have less competition for the home runs over here. Increase your chances even further by being here when gates open, 2 hours before gametime.

Arcade sections 145-149
These are the right field sections often shown on TV, with McCovey Cove behind. Note that these are a long way from home plate, and not so easy to reach, with most of these sections containing just 3 rows of seating. There are a lot of ballhawks out here for batting practice trying to catch the home runs that reach these seats, so there is a lot of competition. Although we recommend going to left field to increase your chances of getting a ball, don't let that stop you from taking a chance over here. Your odds are lower, but catching a ball and/or having the perfect view of one flying in to McCovey Cove would make for a great story. And if you want to sit here for games, seats are surprisingly affordable, going for around $50 (depending on the game) on Vivid Seats.

Oracle Park - Arcade Section 147 has 3 rows
Oracle Park Arcade Sections

Best Seats for Getting Autographs in Oracle Park


Premium Lower Box Sections 101-106 & 125-130:
These sections are to the outfield side of each dugout, running down the line to the bullpens. The Giants dugout and bullpen is along the 3rd base line, so you'll want to get to row 1 of sections 125-130 as soon as gates open 2 hours before gametime to maximize your opportunity for autographs. The visitors dugout and bullpen is along the 1st base side, and sections 101-106 are the best to find players milling around during batting practice, which runs from 90 to 45 minutes before gametime. Priority will be given to fans with tickets in these sections, so you may be asked to move at any time if you don't have tickets here (although this rarely happens). As a general rule, the earlier you can be here, the better

Autograph Sundays:
On Sundays, the Giants hold offical autograph days for children 16 and under. Players will sign autographs at the conclusion of batting practice in the Bullpen Boxes in Sections 104-105 and 126-127. In order to get autographs, you must have a special ticket that is issued by an usher near these sections, begining when gates open 2 hours before game time. As these are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis (and are limited), we encourage you to get there when gates open - there are plenty of other activities available to occupy the time before autographs and the game.

Unique seats at Oracle Park

Coors Light Silver Bullpen:
Located at section 145 in right center field and near the cable car, this area has heaters and "barber shop style" seats along a bar rail overlooking the field. There is a second row of these seats a few feet back, which is adjacent a bar that has (of course) Coors Light on tap.

Coors Light Silver Bullpen Seats, near Arcade 145
Coors Light Patio Seating View

Arcade sections 145-149, aka "Levi's Landing"
Perhaps the best known seats in the ballpark, these 3 rows sit atop the right field fence with McCovey Cove just behind. Perfect view of home run balls into the Cove. Tickets usually run for $50-$75 for these seats (depending on the game) on Vivid Seats.

Levi's Landing at SF Giants

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