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Oakland Coliseum General Info

Oakland Coliseum Attendance
Average: 22,900 (since 2000)
Capacity: 35,100 (65% FULL)
Athletics Ticket Availability:
While the A's are not looked at as the favorite in the AL West Division this season, you can never count them out as they tend to overachieve expectations every season. Despite that, attendance has averaged only about 65% capacity over the past decade, meaning there will be many seats available directly through the A's ticket office. However, tickets can be found through other brokers online, quite often for less than face value. Some of the better ones to comparison shop at include TicketNetwork and AwesomeSeating , since there is no "price floor" on the price. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.

Best View at Oakland Coliseum

One of the well-documented issues with Oakland Coliseum is that there is a lot of foul territory here - meaning the seats are further from the action than in most stadiums. In most stadiums, some of the best view of the action comes from the first rows of the 2nd level (club level in most of the newer ballparks), and while the view from Oakland's 2nd level is solid (and recommended as "Best Value" below, we actually like first level seats a little better regarding view:

MVP Infield 112-122
Between the dugouts, these sections are the lower part of the field level seats. If you want to try to be close to the action, pick the lower seats. The view from the upper rows in these sections (varies, but generally rows 17-20) may be even better because they are slightly elevated.

Field Infield 112-122
These sections are the upper half of the field level, and these sections are also located around the dugouts and homeplate. These are elevated even more than the just enough for a good view of the action. Although there's generally not a lot of foot traffic during the game, be aware that the first row in this section, row 21, is right above a major aisle way, so you may want to avoid row 21. If you want shade, seats in this area are some of the few that may provide shade - rows 30 and higher are under the overhanging 2nd deck. It may also get a bit claustrophobic there, though, so choose your rows wisely.

Best Value Seats at Oakland Coliseum

Plaza Infield Sections 212-222
Usually, we would tell you a good "value" is to sit in the upper sections for the cheapest seats and a decent view. Here, because of the massive foul territory and reasonable prices, we would actually recommend you sit on the second level seats between the dugouts. As with most upper-level seats, getting a lower row number is more advantageous. Tickets will typically run around $20.

View from section 213 Section 213

Plaza reserved 235-249
If you are just looking to get in the Coliseum, then this will be your lowest get-in price, with some tickets available for under $10. These seats are upper level outfield seats. Do not expect a great view from out here.

Best Seats for Families at Athletics games

Stomper Fun Zone (named after Stomper, the A's mascot) is located behind section 220. Note that this area is only open on weekends in April, May, and September - and open before all games in the summer. There are rides, games, and tattoos for the little ones for a small fee. It's open from stadium opening until the end of the 8th inning. If you think you may be visiting it during the game, you may want to pick seats in the general area of section 220 (which is recommended in Best Value section above).

Unfortunately for day games, pretty much all of section 220 will be in the sun the entire time. If you are looking for shade on this level, you'll want to consider the upper rows of section numbers 213 and lower (towards 207), as the upper level will cast its shadow on these sections first. However, as you move towards section 207 from 213, you move further away from the Stomper Fun Zone, as well as away from home plate, so the view deteriorates.

Some of the attractions at Stomper Fun Zone Stomper Fun Zone area at Oakland Coliseum

Afternoon Shade in section 213, looking towards 207 Section 213

Best Sections for the Social Scene

Although there really aren't very many "social" areas in this ballpark as you would see in more modern stadiums, the West Side Club, atop sections 212-215 is a bar/restaurant that is open to all ticketholders and draws a pretty good pre-game crowd. They have a good selection of beers on tap, as well as a full bar - however, there are only a few tables that have a view to the game from up here. Additionally inside the stadium you will find an Irish Pub and an island-themed bar located around the concourse around the infield area on the lower level. Neither place had much of a crowd when we stopped in here.

The West Side Club before A's Game west-side-club-at-athletics-games

Best Sections for impressing guests

Diamond Level Seats
This section of 183 seats is located directly behind home plate (60 feet away), behind the protective net. Tickets sell for around $200-$250 and include unlimited food and drinks (up to 2 alcoholic drinks included), in seat wait service, a padded seat, priority entry, all within a 5 rows of the field. Be sure to wear a colorful shirt because you may just be on TV.

1st Base Field Box & 3rd Base Field Box
These are the first 2 rows of seats just down the line from the dugouts (actually, between the dugouts and bullpens). In addition to the great location, these padded seats come loaded with a $10 food/drink/merchandise credit, and in-seat wait service. The waiter for your section will actually have a cooler full of drinks. He will even take requests, so if you are going to drink a specific beer (such as Kona Longboard), he will load up the cooler with some and have them ready when you are. Also, if you tell him during the first inning that you'd like some peanuts in the fourth inning, he'll make sure they "magically appear". And, he will settle up your tab and remind you of your $10 credit near the end of the game. These sections are also good for catching foul balls, getting great action shots from field level, and of course, getting autographs before the game. Access is restricted before the game to ticketholders, so you will not be crowded in by unauthorized autograph seekers. Only 144 of these tickets exist per game (2 rows of 36 on each side), but you can generally go for around $120 on the secondary market.

You are practically on the field when sitting in First Base Field Box seats Oakland- First Base Field Box View

Best seats to catch a ball

During batting practice, go to Bleachers 134-150 in hopes of landing a home run or a ball tossed by a player that is shagging fly balls in the outfield. Best time to be there is when gates open, 1.5 hours before gametime Monday-Friday, 2 hours before Saturday and Sunday games. Note that batting practice is not always held before afternoon games, particularly late in the season.

Best seats for getting autographs

Oakland Coliseum's unique seats

There really aren't many unique seats at this ballpark. If you are looking for a unique experience, especially if you are a fan of the visiting team, I would recommend sitting in the 1st base Field Box and getting to the ballpark early. It's probably the most affordable ballpark where you'll be able to do this. You will be able to watch your team warm up before the game, and watch players shuttle back and forth between the dugout and bullpen between the game. As detailed above in the Impressing Guests section, it comes with in-seat wait service and a few other amentities you are sure to enjoy.

First Base Field Box seats are actually in front of the Visitor's dugout Oakland A's First Base Field Box Seats

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