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As one of the best baseball towns in the world, with a knowledgable and rabid fan base, the St. Louis Cardinals always draw well. Add in the fact that they are perennially contenders, expect that Busch Stadium will be filled to about 90% capacity or more again this season. Also, the Cardinals were among the first teams to adopt dynamic ticket pricing, making it difficult to find a great deal on tickets from the box office. However, plenty of seats are available at good prices from reputable sources such as TicketNetwork and Awesome Seating. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.

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Best View - Busch Stadium Seating

There are not many bad views in this ballpark - even from upper levels - which was definitely built with the baseball purist in mind. The best view (as in all ballparks) are lower level infield seats, or "club level" infield seats. Sections 241-257 offer the best view and access to the climate-controlled Redbird Club - allowing you to cool down on hot St. Louis days (although with this view, you might not want to leave your seats).

Busch Stadium - Redbird Box Section 252

Busch Stadium Section 252 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Value Sections at Busch Stadium

Due to dynamic pricing, finding a steal is difficult at Busch Stadium. However, because there are great sitelines from most seats in the park, if you want a great view, close to amenities, and don't mind riding the escalator or elevator up, consider Infield Pavilion sections 341-359. A good place to find these seats is on Vivid Seats.

Alternatively, you may want to consider sitting in one of the many "all-inclusive" sections scattered around Busch Stadium. Although more swanky and pricey options exist (see "Impressing Guests" below), for as low as $60 (depending on market conditions/dynamic pricing) you can sit in Homer's Landing (in right-center field) or the Left Field Landing (on the 100 level) or The Coca-Cola Scoreboard Patio or Coca-Cola Rooftop Deck (200 levels, Center Field) and enjoy hotdogs, chicken, BBQ beef, nachos, cookies, Budweiser products and soft drinks included in that price (more info).

Infield Pavilion Section 359

Busch Stadium Section 359 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seats for Families

Busch Stadium seems to be built for the baseball purist, offering great site lines from nearly every seat. Although you won't find a carousel or ferris wheel for kids of all ages, there are a few attractions for the younger crowd.

In center field is the US Cellular Family Pavilion, an area with interactive baseball-related activities (most for a small fee), such batting cages, pitching cage/speed guns. If your children want to participate, make sure they wear athletic-type shoes (not sandals). Minimum height requirements are also in effect for the various activities, so your littlest ones (regardless of how much they may love baseball) may be turned away.

For the even younger crowd, there is a "Build-a-Bear" - which is really a "build-a-Fredbird" - located by Section 153. In this shop you can build and purchase your very own stuffed Fredbird, the Cardinals mascot.

Because these activities are almost perfectly opposite each other in the stadium, there is no perfectly convenient area near both. However, both take place on the first level. Additionally, if your children have a good appetite, you may want to consider the all-inclusive sections outlined above in "value sections", particularly The Coca-Cola Scoreboard Patio or Coca-Cola Rooftop Deck (more info).

Our children enjoyed the bird's eye view of the game and the Gateway Arch from our seats in section 450. Although the game was "sold out", we found very affordable seats on TicketNetwork , and the view was awesome! We arrived early at the ballpark, and had time for the Family Pavilion, the Build-a-Bear, and the gift shop...all on the first level before taking an elevator up.

Section 450 - Great View at great price!

Best sections for the Social Scene

Although Busch Stadium is generally a pretty social place, the most social areas by far for us have been the all-inclusive areas. In particular, The Champions Club and The Cardinals Club are two very fun areas to catch at Cardinals game. The Champions Club has a buffet meal, 2 full bars, plenty of TVs, and air conditioning...along with great seats down the left field line (2nd level). Check out the Cardinals website for more details, including videos. Tickets tend to be available through the Cardinals site, but I have also had success scoring tickets to the Cardinals Club through TicketNetwork as well.

Best Sections for impressing guests

Two areas come to mind for making a great impression on a business associate or date: the Champions Club, described above, and The Commissioner's Box. Commissioner's Box seats are right next to the Cardinals dugout in section 141, so the view of the game is unmatched. Also, you will have a chance to get your photo taken in the Cardinals dugout, and go on field before the game. If that's not enough, these seats also include in-seat food and drink service, featuring complimentary ballpark food, mixed drinks, beer, and Coke. These seats run in the $200-$300 range, but your guests are worth it...right? More details, including a video, are available on the Cardinals website.

Best seats to catch a ball

The best areas to catch homerun balls, particularly during batting practice are left field sections 171-172 and right field sections 127-128. Get here when the gates open 2 hours before gametime, and you'll be able to catch the tail end of the Cardinals batting practice, and all of the opponents batting practice (which generally runs from 90 minutes before gametime to 45 minutes before). Note that most major league teams do not take batting practice on Sundays or before weekday afternoon games, particularly later in the season.

Other good areas that tend to get a lot of foul balls are the sections midway down each base line. Sections 134-140 and 161-166 fall within the pattern of where the most foul balls will land during a typical Major League Game. Please use caution when trying to attempt to catch a ball.

Best seats for getting autographs

The very best area to get autographs is section 141 by the Cardinals dugout, the first few rows of which is called "the Commissioner's Box" (although it's not really Rob Manfred's box). As long as it is not over-crowded, security will let you hang out around this area until 45 minutes before gametime without a ticket to the section...however, fans with tickets in this are will alway get precedence. You may have better luck getting opponent's autographs, since they will be on the field for most of the pre-game. Sections 158-164 offer the best opportunities for this from 90 minutes to 45 minutes before gametime.

Busch Stadium - Section 160
Great place to get autographs from the opposing team

Busch Stadium Section 160 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Busch Stadium's unique seats

Busch Stadium does not have one seating area that is completely unique, but the number (12) and quality of All-inclusive sections within Busch Stadium was well-designed and sets it apart from older ballparks where an "all-you-can-eat section" was added-on as a way to sell some outfield seats. The all-inclusive sections in other ballparks typically don't include alcohol, but what else would you expect at a place called "Busch Stadium"?

Coca-Cola Scoreboard Patio - one of many all-inclusive areas at Busch Stadium

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