Best Seats for Kansas City Royals
Kauffman Stadium

Best Seats for Kansas City Royals

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Capacity: 37,900
Attendence (2013): 21,600 (57%)
General Impressions:
Our family took a trip to Kauffman Stadium for 2 games during the summer of 2011, and we were VERY pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. Long considered one of the most beautiful ballparks because of the fountains, the recently completed renovations have turned it into one of our favorites. We were impressed by the wide concourses, the very friendly and knowledgable staff, and the variety of activities for children - not to mention the fountains. We (the adults) also enjoyed the number of beer stands/bars situated around the outfield concourse, such as the Rivals Sports Bar in Right Field and the Miller Lite Fountain Bar in Left Field. Although the stadium will show its age in some of the seating areas, the intimacy of the stadium and the beautiful backdrop more than make up for any small blemishes.
Ticket Availability:
This stadium also can no longer be considered a hidden gem...word has gotten out since the 2012 All-Star Game and the recent World Series at "the K". Still, tickets are usually available directly through the Royals ticket office; however you may be able to find some of the best seats below face value online through reputable secondary sources such as Ticket Network and Vivid Seats. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.

Hotel Recommendation

Although we don't normally recommend hotels, we had an exceptional experience for the family on our trip to Kansas City. There are a couple hotels located very close to the Sports Complex that houses Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium, but the best for families is The Holiday Inn Coco Key Resort, which is so close to Kauffman Stadium you can see the hotel from the inside the ballpark (and vice versa). The hotel has an indoor water park located on the premises, as well as a full service restaurant and bar, and offers a convenient, free shuttle to and from the game for guests. You can book it directly here: Book Holiday Inn Hotels and Save today!. Again, we don't usually recommend hotels, so you may want to read reviews of others on, but staying this close to the ballpark with the activities of the water park made our short stay in town that much more enjoyable.

View of Sports Complex from Holiday Inn
Kansas City Royals Hotels

The Holiday Inn sits beyond Right-Center Field
Kansas City Royals Hotels

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Best View at Kauffman Stadium

The best view, by far, is in the first couple rows around home plate and the dugouts..."Dugout Box" seats. Although we usually try to avoid the obvious recommendations here, it bears mentioning here because these are an absolute value when you compare what these seats run at other venues.

Dugout Box 131 - Best View at Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City Royals seating view

Best Value at Kauffman Stadium

There are a lot of great affordable seats at Kauffman Stadium, some offering a great view. Field Box Sections 216-239 (on the first level) offer a great view (as shown below) for about $25. We prefer the seats along the 3rd base/left field side (Sections 216-225) especially for afternoon games - these will get more shade as the day goes on, which is a good thing during the steamy KC summer.

Section 216 - Great view at a good price!

Value Seating View

If you're looking to get into the stadium at the lowest possible price, there are a few possibilities to get in for around $10. If you are comfortable buying tickets at the gate on the day of the game (rather than in advance) you can buy $9 "Fountain" Seats for Sections 201-203. It's possible to get sprayed by the mist from the fountain out here, plus you are close to a lot of the children's amenities behind the Left Field Concourse. You're also close to the Miller Lite Fountain bar - if the children's amenities aren't your thing. Alternatively, Hyvee Outfield Sections 401-407 or 433-439 typically offer the lowest advance prices - in the $10 range - but they also offer the worst views of the game. Looking online, we've found some "better" 400 level seats close to the plate available in the $10 range as well on Vivid Seats. Admittedly, when we went to the ballpark we did not go up here to get a picture - there was so much to keep us busy on the lower level. But the below outdated picture gives you a feel for the perspective in these sections.

Kauffman Stadium - Section 403 Seating View

Kauffman Stadium Section 403 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seating for Families at Royals Games

There are a lot of children's activities at Kauffman Stadium - located directly behind the left field stands (behind sections 201-203). The "Outfield Experience" consists of a playground, carousel, splash park, mini golf, as well as baseball-related challenges and a mini baseball diamond ("The Little K"). The playground and splash park are free, with the rest of the activities very reasonably priced. There is something here for children of all ages.

For families, we recommend Fountain Sections 201-203, based on price ($9 walkup tickets), proximity to children's amenities, and proximity to the fountains, which would provide an interesting distraction for children that may not be all that into baseball. The drawbacks of these seats are that the view of the game isn't the best, and these can get HOT - particularly for a summer day game. There is no shade here, and although you will occasionally feel the mist from the fountains, it probably will not be enough to cool you down.

Other great options are Field Plaza 211-215 and Dugout Plaza 216-225, which are located along the 3rd base line. These sections are a short walk to the "Outfield Experience", and offer a great view of the field FROM THE SHADE. Sections along the 3rd base line will be the first to get shade, and the "200" sections start getting shade in mid-afternoon (depending on time of year, and row number). Also, these sections are rarely full, so you may have some room to spread out (unless it's opening day or the Yankees or Cardinals are in town).

Activities for children at Kauffman Stadium Kid's area at Kauffman Stadium

Best Seats for the Social Scene at Kauffman Stadium

Perhaps the most social area at Kauffman Stadium is the Rivals Sports Bar and the Bud Light Patio, both located behind the right field stands. The Rivals Sports Bar houses the pre- and post-game shows for Fox Sports Kansas City inside and open and airy sports bar, with plenty of flat screens to catch all the action - should you decide to step away for a couple innings and enjoy some draft beer from Kansas City-based Boulevard Brewing Company. Located on the top floor of the same building is the Bud Light Party Deck, which is a large patio with bar-rail seating facing the field. These areas can have quite the crowd on Wednesday nights during the summer, when college students can use their student ID to get nearby Outfield Box seats for $7, and live music is performed in the plaza before the game.

Rivals Sports Bar in Right Field
Rivals Sports Bar and Bud Light Party Deck - Kauffman Stadium

View from Bud Light Party Deck

View from Bud Light Party Deck

Best Seats to Impress Guests

The best seats to get in order to impress that business client, date, or writer are hands-down the BATS Crown Club Seats, sections 1-6 directly behind home plate. In addition to the closest view of the game, these padded seats includes unlimited food and drinks (beer, wine and liquor), in-seat wait service, and access to the upscale and exclusive Crown Club Lounge. Although there aren't a lot of these seats available, you can find them for around $250 on Ticket Network.

4 rows of Padded Seats in the BATS Crown Club Sections
BATS Crown Club Seating - KC Royals

Best Place to get a ball at the K

The best time and place to get a free souvenir from Kauffman Stadium (or any stadium, for that matter) is the outfield during batting practice. You'll want to be here when gates open 90 minutes before gametime - which will give you about 45 minutes to catch visitors batting practice. Your chances are probably better at getting a ball in right field, rather than left field, as there are more seats in Right Field Outfield Box sections 148-152 and 248-252. Outfield Box Sections 101-103 in Left Field are quite small and the fountains around this area are big...meaning the fountains will probably catch a number of balls that would otherwise be available to fans. You may want to hang out around Section 152 for a couple reasons. First, it is right above the visitor's bullpen, giving you a chance to catch a ball tossed up from the bullpen; additionally, as an end section it allows quick access to the large aisle and staircase just towards centerfield, so you would have the opportunity to chase down a home run hit out here. And when batting practice is over, you can slip inside the Rivals Sports Bar right behind this section for a cool beverage (while showing off your new souvenir)!

Section 152 - Perfect Seats to catch batting practice home runs

Best Spots for Autographs at Royals Games

The best times to get autographs are either before the game - or after the game in the parking lot. For post-game autographs, the Royals actually designate 2 areas for autograph seekers - near gate D (first base/home plate) for the visitors bus, and near the player's parking lot (between lots B & M) for Royals players. If you prefer to seek autographs before the game, your best bet is to be there when gates open, 90 minutes before game time, and to hang out in the sections near the dugouts. For visiting players, this will be Dugout Box Sections 116-119, and for Royals, Dugout Box Sections 136-139. Fans with tickets to these sections will have preference, but security is usually pretty good about letting you hang out in these areas. Also, these sections provide a good general starting point for autograph seekers. If it is crowded in a certain area, you may want to move a few sections down to where there is less competition - provided that there is a player in the general area. Not all players are willing to sign - especially those that are certain to play and/or the starting pitcher for that game. Be patient, polite, and present where players are, and your chances of scoring an autograph increase.

Unique Seats at Kauffman Stadium

The feature that makes Kauffman Stadium unique is the fountains. So, the seats that are unique to Kauffman Stadium are the fountain seats, located throughout the outfield. Where else in the big leagues can you get sprayed by mist throughout the game? This can be a welcome relief during the hot Kansas City summer. We like the seats near the fountains in left field, specifically Outfield Box 101-103 and Fountain Seats 201. Outfield Box sections 101-103 sit right in front of the fountains in left field, while Section 201 sits right behind some fountains, as well as directly next to them. These provide a good, peaceful distraction throughout the game. Although the view isn't the best, it is not that bad - and there is always the chance that you'll catch a home run! Outfield Box seats can be found at any of the recommended brokers listed on this site, but the Fountain Seats are only sold as walk-ups on the day of the game. Get to the box office in Right Field just before gates open (1.5 hours before game time) to get these seats, then walk around and enjoy this beautiful ballpark!

Section 201 - feel the mist from the fountains

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