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Great Seats at Guaranteed Rate Field

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Guaranteed Rate Field General Information

Ticket Availability:
Win or lose, the White Sox always draw a decent crowd - but don't often sell out. Expect that there will be some tickets available through the White Sox box office; however, the best seats will be those re-sold by season ticket holders and brokers on reputable websites such as TicketNetwork and Ticket Liquidator For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats. Also, because the White Sox have followed the trend and use "dynamic pricing" to maximize revenue, pricing for tickets through the Box Office will vary depending on the opponent, day of the week, and when you purchase. It is likely that the best deals on seats will be found through the secondary market, like at the sites above.
Lower Level Access:
Note that Guaranteed Rate Field is one of the few in Major League Baseball that restricts access to the lower level (100-level) only to those with a ticket for that level. If you have tickets to upper level seats (300,500), you will need to proceed directly to that level. The only exception is that you will have access to the Bullpen Sports Bar by the visitors bullpen in right field by using the ramp at gate 2. If you are ticketed on the lower level, be sure to check out the shower from old Comiskey Park, located on the lower level near Section 161 in left center field.
Sun vs Shade:
Left field is the "sun field", so if you are looking for shade, chose seats along the 1st base/right field line. The lower deck is mostly exposed, while the last 10 or so rows of the upper deck are under an overhang. All outfield seats, including bleachers are exposed.
Reselling Tickets ("scalping"):
Reselling tickets at any price on Guaranteed Rate Field property is prohibited.

Best View in Guaranteed Rate Field


Premium Club Box 320-344:
These second-level seats between the dugouts offer a good elevated (but close) view of the action, padded seats, in-seat wait service, and access to exclusive clubs. Tickets in these sections can be found online for as little as $50-$60.

Lower Box Infield 121-143:
Obviously, the lower deck seats right around the plate offer the best view. However, these sections at Guaranteed Rate Field have more rows than you'll find at most stadiums, and none of the 35 rows are not obstructed by an overhang. Because of the larger supply of these seats, they actually go for relatively affordable prices, and have been found at Vivid Seats for $45 for midweek day games.

Guaranteed Rate Field - Lower Box Infield Section 121

Guaranteed Rate Field Section 121 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData


Upper Reserved 506-509, 555-558:
Although these seats are great on price (found online for $7 or less), they aren't known for a great view, particularly in the higher rows. Guaranteed Rate Field's upper level is very steep, which offers good site lines and unobstructed views for most of the rows - but the highest rows (15 and up) are pretty high up there. The Upper Reserved sections listed here are out in the far reaches of the outfield, about as far away from the action as you can get. Unless you are looking to stay within a strict budget, you'll do better to get seats a little closer to the action.

Guaranteed Rate Field - Upper Reserved Section 557

Guaranteed Rate Field Section 557 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Value Seats at Guaranteed Rate Field


Premium Upper Box 522-542:
The first 7 rows of the Upper Deck Box seats (between the dugouts) are in a price category of "Premium" Upper Box and offer a decent view for usually a good price (prices online range from $11-$50, depending upon opponent, according to Vivid Seats. Note that one drawback of seats on the 500 level is that 500 level ticket holders are not allowed access to the 100 level -- except to the Miller Lite Bullpen Sports Bar -- although nearly all of the amenities found on the 100 level are also on the 500 level. Tickets for the upper part of the section rows 8-21, usually run just a few bucks cheaper.

Upper Reserved 516-520 & 544-548:
This is the lowest price level for White Sox games. We are only recommending the first 3 sections of this price level...the remaining sections (506-514 in Right Field, and 550-558 in Left Field) are not recommended because they are high and further away from the plate. In these sections, it is best to be closer to homeplate (so try for 520 or 544) and as low as possible -- there are 21 rows in these sections.

Guaranteed Rate Field - Upper Box View (Section 522)

Best Seats for Families at White Sox Games


Kids Day $1 Seats:
The White Sox have about 1 afternoon game a month (usually Sundays) that are designated as "Kid's Days". For these games, you can purchase tickets for children 13 and under for just $1 with an adult full price ticket (Children under 36" tall are admitted free for ALL GAMES). Gates open 2 hours before the game, and there will be White Sox players signing autographs for the kiddos before the game, with a "Kids run the Bases" event after the game. Don't expect these to be front row seats, but you really can't beat the price. Since it is an afternoon game, if you have a choice, you may want to chose sections along the 1st base line (sections 531/131 and lower).

Best you can afford:
Usually, we'd recommend seats near the amenities targeted at children, but Guaranteed Rate Field has these amenities spread throughout the stadium for those on each level to enjoy, rather than clustering them in one area. The main children's area is the Fundamentals area above the Left Field Concourse, where children can run baserunning, batting, and pitching drills in dedicated areas with local coaches. All seats have access to this area. There are also Speed Pitch areas near sections 162 and 524, and food stands specializing in childrens food around sections 101 and 540. To participate in the drills, please keep in mind that your children should wear athletic shoes, as crocs, sandals, and other open-toe shoes are not allowed.

Best Seats for The Social Scene in Guaranteed Rate Field


Bleachers 160-164:
Like in most other stadiums, the bleachers tend to bring out the party people. At most stadiums, it's because these tend to be the cheapest seats...but not at Guaranteed Rate (although we've found some below face value online here). Must be the proximity to the outfield concourse with plenty of beer vendors, the sun, and the shower by section 161.

Bacardi at the Park:
Although there is no view of the game from this sports bar attached to Guaranteed Rate Field and located on 35th Street, it is the place to go before, during, and after White Sox games. It's the perfect spot for waiting out a rain delay, too, as your ticket will allow you to come and go.

Best Seats for Impressing Guests at Guaranteed Rate Field


United Scout Seats 130S-134S:
These seats are in the first 11 rows, right behind home plate in sections 130S-134S. They feature a buffet in a private lounge, full open bar, in-seat service, padded seats, and a private lounge - along with VIP parking (usually with 2 or more tickets purchased). It really doesn't get much better than this...Face value varies, but tickets can be found in the $240 range on Ticket Liquidator .

Gold Coast Tickets Club A1-D4:
These seats are the four sections (A-D), four rows (1-4) on the Club/Suite level right behind homeplate. They include in-seat service, padded seats, Premier lot parking, and unlimited food & drinks. A very luxurious spot with a great view of the game - perfect for hosting your important clients! Tickets have been found for these sections for less than $200 on TicketNetwork and Vivid Seats .

United Scout Seats at Guaranteed Rate Field - Section 133

Guaranteed Rate Field Section 133 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seats for Getting a Baseball at Guaranteed Rate Field


Lower Reserved 103-108 & 157-159:
Bring your glove, because this is the place to be during batting practice (or games) to catch homeruns. Gates open 90 minutes before gametime for night games, so you'll be able to watch the last 45 minutes of the opponent's batting practice (the White Sox will be finished as you enter the stadium). These lower level outfield seats are very reachable during batting practice (and games), but you'll probably want to be no more than midway up the sections to maximize your opportunity (unless Prince Fielder is hitting, then you may want to move to the very back of sections 103-108). Stand on the aisle to improve your access to other rows and adjacent sections.

Bleachers 160-164
These are in left-center field, and don't get as many homeruns in batting practice, but are certainly reachable. Unlike some bleachers, these actually have a back to them - so jumping from one row to the next will not be an easy task. As mentioned above, you increase your chances of getting a ball by arriving early and standing on the aisle.

Guaranteed Rate Field View - Bleacher Section 161

Guaranteed Rate Field Section 161 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seats for Getting Autographs in Guaranteed Rate Field


Premium Lower Box Sections 121 & 143:
These sections are just to the outfield side of each dugout. With any 100-level seat, you'll have access to these sections up to 25 minutes before game time to try to get autographs. The White Sox dugout is on the 3rd base line, so you'll want to get to section 143 as soon as gates open 90 minutes before gametime to maximize your opportunity for autographs. The opponents dugout is on the 1st base side, and section 121 is the best spot. For night games, the road team will be taking batting practice from the time you enter the gates until 45 minutes before gametime, so be here then to get their autographs. In both sections 121 and 143, although all those with 100-level seats are allowed here, priority will be given to those with tickets to these seats, so be aware that you may be asked to move at any time.

Kid's Days:
About once per month, the White Sox hold "Kid's Day" for an afternoon game (mostly on Sundays). Check out the promotional calendar here. On these days, gates open 2 hours prior to gametime, and select White Sox players will be on the concourses signing autographs for those 13 and under before gametime. $1 walk-up tickets for children 13 and under are also available (when an adult purchases a full-price ticket), and kids can run the bases after the game, if weather permits.


500 level seats
As stated elsewhere, Guaranteed Rate Field is one of the few stadiums that restricts access to the lower level. Only those with 100 level seats will be allowed on the lower level.

Arriving late
If you do have 100-level seats, be sure to show up early. MLB rules prohibit players from signing autographs any time after 45 minutes prior to gametime, although they have been known to sign up to 25 minutes before gametime (when security will most likely have you find your seat).

Unique seats at Guaranteed Rate Field

Miller Lite Bullpen Sports Bar:
A tribute to the picnic area in old Comiskey Park, this indoor/outdoor bar in Right Field, adjacent the visitors bullpen, is open to all ticketed fans on a first-come, first-serve basis. You probably won't have any issue getting access to the sprawling inside of the bar, but the outside picnic tables do fill up. And although the view isn't the best at Guaranteed Rate Field, it does offer a unique view that is not available in all ballparks. The best way to watch the game from the outside picnic tables is to buy the cheapest ticket possible , and and arrive early to get a wristband for outside access.

Location of Bullpen Sports Bar

Guaranteed Rate Bullpen Sports Bar

View from Bullpen Sports Bar

Get there early for outside access...

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