Best Seats for Pittsburgh Pirates
PNC Park

Best Seats for Pittsburgh Pirates

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PNC Park General Info

PNC Park Attendance
Average: 30,155 (2014)
Capacity: 38,500 (78% FULL)
Great Views at PNC Park
Pirates Ticket Availability:
The crowds have been showing up to Pirates games since the opening of PNC Park - one of the best ballparks in MLB. Expect that the park will be filled to 75-80% capacity or more for most games in the warmer months, with Pirates fans as well as opposing fans wanting to check out the great ballpark. Although there will be some tickets available through the Pirates box office, most of the best seats will found online through reputable brokers such as Ticket Network and Ticket Liquidator Both sites offer 100% guarantees. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats. Note that scalping is not permitted on PNC Park property - so be sure to get your tickets before heading out!

PNC Park's Best View
Pittsburgh Baseball Club 209-228:
Perhaps the best view in all of baseball are from PNC Park's Club sections 209-228, with preference to the first few rows of sections 217-223. These padded seats provide the perfect birds-eye view of the game below, with great views of the scoreboards and the Pittsburgh skyline. You also have access to the indoor club area which spans the concourse directly behind these sections, with 3 dedicated club areas: Club 3000 (at section 207), Gunners (section 216) and the Keystone Corner (sections 225-228). Each of these areas has lounge seating and bar-type activities to keep you occupied indoors, and a bar-rail standing area on an outdoor patio. We've found seats on Ticket Network in the $50-$60 range for these sections, an incredible value considering what you would pay in other ballparks for a similar experience.

Great View from Pittsburgh Baseball Club seats
View from Pittsburgh Baseball Club Seats

Social Scene inside Pittsburgh Baseball Club
View inside the Pittsburgh Baseball Club


Contrary to popular belief, not ALL seats in this section (or PNC Park) are among the best in baseball. If you are in section 208, row K, seat 1, you are actually wedged into a corner, with no great view of the skyline.

Not all Club Seats are great
Avoid the end sections in the PBC sections, if possible

Best Value at Pirates Games

Grandstand & Kids Grandstand 301-333 A-R:
Tickets run in the low $20's, sometimes lower; kid's tickets (for those 14 and under) in these sections go for around $15 through the box office. I'd recommend the lowest rows you can get, and as close to homeplate as you can get (Sections 312-320 - even the high rows here offer a great view). The lowest get-in price seats are in the Upper Grandstand sections 301-312 and 320-333 (rows S and higher). The views from up here are not horrible, although personally I'd spring for the extra few bucks to get seats in rows A-F if possible.

Pirates Grandstand Seats
Not bad seats in the far reaches of PNC Park

Best Seats for Families at PNC Park
All You Can Eat Sections 201-205:
The kids play area is down around sections 201/301 in the right field corner. Tickets here generally run for $40, and include dogs/burgers, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, ice cream, and sodas.

Grandstand/Kid's Grandstand 301-305:
These are just above the All You Can Eat Sections just described above, and down in the right field corner close to the children's play area; Depending on the game and the age of the tickethold, Kids Grandstand seats in Rows A-R run about $15 (adult full price tickets about $22) while seats in the last few rows of these sections are discounted around 33%.

Outfield Reserved sections 139-147:
If you prefer to sit on the lower level and not deal with stairs/ramps, Outfield Reserved sections 139-147 in right field fair territory offer a good alternative. Behind these sections is a wide concourse that looks out onto the river and the skyline, and it's a short walk to the play area from here. Also, since left field is the "sun field" at PNC Park, you don't need to worry about trying to watch the game with the sun shining right into your eyes. Get here early and you may just be able to catch a batting practice home run!

Play area at PNC Park
The children's play area at PNC Park

Best Seats for The Social Scene
Bowtie Bar in Right field:
This is not a ticketed area, rather it is a bar with a view to the field. Access through section 101 is available to ALL FANS. Sometimes groups will book out half of the bar area, usually the part that is closest to the field, so although in theory there is a direct view to the game from here, that may not always be the case. There are about a half dozen flat screens so that you won't necessarily miss the action while you finish up your drink here.

Pittsburgh Baseball Club 209-227:
In addition to the great view of the game from the seats (as described above), you have access to the 3 indoor clubs (with outdoor "social areas" with drink rails) on this level. Each club is equipped with a bar/lounge area and other bar-atmosphere accoutrements such as shuffleboard or pool tables to pass the time and socialize, if that's more your scene.

Bowtie Bar at PNC Park
The Bowtie Bar at PNC Park offers a lively scene

Best Seats for Impressing Guests

Lexus Club sections 14-19:
What can be more impressive than sitting directly behind home plate? For around $200-$250 per game on Ticket Liquidator, you can do that while enjoying the luxury of in-seat service, padded seats, and unlimited food and soft drinks. You'll of course also have access to the exclusive Lexus Club, located near the home plate rotunda entrance.

Pittsburgh Baseball Club 209-227:
As mentioned throughout this webpage, these seats offer a mix of a great view, access to exclusive (climate controlled) areas, and comfort (the seats are padded). For these seats, we recommend Ticket Network, as we've found tickets in the $50-$60 range on this site.

Best Seats for Getting a Baseball
Your best chance at getting a ball at a MLB game is in batting practice. Your best bet is to enter the stadium when gates open (90 minutes before first pitch on weekdays, 2 hours prior on weekends). Note that batting practice is not always held before weekend day games, particularly late in the season. Note that on some days, season ticket holders will get to enter the park early for a chance to get homeruns hit into the left-field seats during batting practice. Most fans may also be allowed entry into the ballpark early along the right field riverwalk...however, you do not get access to the seating areas in this case. You will need to wait until 90 minutes before gametime before you are granted access to the seating area - BUT THERE MAY BE SOME STRAY BASEBALLS sitting in these seats that were hit earlier in batting practice.


Center Field Sections 139-141:
Outfield Reserved sections 142-144 in Right Field capture some home runs during batting practice, but the fence there is 21 feet high. More homeruns may land in left field (depending on the batters on the opposing team) but the Left Field bleachers tend to have more ballhawks looking to catch homeruns. An area that may seem counterintuitive for getting a batting practice ball are Sections 139-141 in centerfield. Although it will take a well-driven ball to reach the seats here, the fence is low and many balls bounce into these seats. Also, players tend to gravitate to this area to stretch, so you may be lucky enough to have one of these players toss a ball up to you.

Outfield Box Section 132:
Although this is slightly into foul territory, it hugs the left field line and isn't as distant as the home run fence. There will be less competition for balls in this section, yet it seemed to get more than its fair share of batting practice balls hit into this area.

Best Seats for Getting Autographs

Field Level Box Sections 5-8 and Dugout Box Sections 9-13
The fences along the baselines are low, making it easy to interact with players before the game. For most of the time that the gates are open, the visitors will be on the field taking batting practice, stretching, and warming up, while the Pirates will most likely be back in the clubhouse preparing for the game. With this in mind, we recommend you get to PNC Park early and hang out along the 1st base line, particularly Field Level Box Sections 5-8 and Dugout Box Sections 9-13. You can also try hanging out around the Pirates Dugout (Dugout Box Sections 20-24 and Field Box Sections 25-26) although there will be a fewer Pirates around to sign for you.


Showing up less than 45 minutes before gametime:
MLB rules prohibit players from signing autographs within 45 minutes of gametime

PNC Park's Unique Seats

Pittsburgh Baseball Club 209
There is nothing inherently unique about these seats...they are awesome. What is unique is that these are near "Club 3000" of the "bar areas" within the wrap-around Pittsburgh Baseball Club on the second level. Inside this Club, you will see balls, photos, bats, and other memorabilia to commemorate ALL (not just Pirates) players that have attained the magical 3000 hits in their career. You can also play shuffleboard or step onto a patio with a drink rail and plants/flowers to watch the game and enjoy the skyline...or simply head to your seat and enjoy one of the best game views in all of baseball.

Inside the Pittsburgh Baseball Club
One of the pool tables inside the Pittsburgh Baseball Club

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