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Yankee Stadium General Information

Yankee Stadium Attendance
Average: 44,300 (from 2009-2013)
Capacity: 52,000 (85% full)
Ticket Availability for Yankees games:
The new Yankee Stadium has been filled to capacity for nearly every game since opening in 2009, and we expect this trend to continue this season as the Yankees should be a contender once again for the AL East title and the American League Pennant. Although there will be tickets available through the Yankees box office, the best seats will be those re-sold by season ticket holders and brokers on reputable, independent websites such as Ticket Liquidator and Ticket Network For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.
The subway system is probably the most convenient way to get to Yankee Stadium. If you are going to drive to the ballpark, as with all urban ballparks, it is recommended that you BUY YOUR PARKING ONLINE IN ADVANCE, as it will get pretty crowded around the ballpark on game day.
Travel Discounts:
If you're going to be doing other sightseeing while in NYC, Viator/Trip Advisor has a good selection of tours, etc, and that you can save up to 50% off NYC experiences when booking online. Our family knew we were going to the Empire State Building while in town, so we bought way in advance - while using the rest of our time spontaneously walking through Central Park, etc.
Reselling Tickets ("scalping"):
Reselling tickets within 500 yards (1500 feet) of Yankee Stadium is prohibited
More on the Yankees: Complete Yankee Stadium Guide for Travelers

Best View in Yankee Stadium

Many great seating options, depending on how much you want to pay...

For $400+, Legends Suite 11-29:
Simply the most comfortable seats with the best view in the ballpark. Among the most expensive seats in baseball, if you want to be close to the action - or be near a-list celebs, this is the place.

For ~$300+, Field Sections 114A-127A:
Although a few rows behind the Legends Suite sections, still an incredible view

Yankee Stadium - Section 114B

Yankee Stadium Section 114B view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

For ~$125, Main 213-227B:
A more affordable great view, these second level sections provide a birds-eye view of the game between the dugouts. Other tickets in this price range on the lower level offer fine views as well, but are either further back from the field or further down the lines from homeplate.


Bleacher Sections 201 & 239:
These outfield bleacher sections have obstructed views of part of the outfield by the Batter's Eye Cafe. Seats in section 201 will not see the action in leftfield, section 239 has obstructed views of rightfield. On the plus side, these seats sell for $5.

Best Value Seats at Yankee Stadium


Bleachers 202-204 and 235-238:
Face value on these starts at $14, not bad if you believe everything is more expensive in NYC. The view isn't horrible. Even cheaper seats are the $5 seats in bleacher sections 201 and 239. However, you will have an obstructed view to some outfield play (that's why these are so cheap).

Terrace 315-325:
These will run close to $100, higher than what I would call a "good value", but in this stadium, these seats offer a great view at a fair price.

Grandstand 415-425, low row numbers:
I generally wouldn't recommend highest level seating, but these seats behind home plate do offer a good view at a reasonable price.


Missing out:
Like the old joke about divorce...Why do Yankee tickets cost so much? Because they're worth it. This isn't the stadium (or town) for finding seats on the cheap, but the experience is well worth it.

Best Seats for Families at Yankees Games


Grandstand Sections 407A and 433:
Alcohol is not sold, nor allowed to be consumed, in these sections. These are highest-level outfield seats, far from the action, but ticket prices run in the low $22 range. There is no sun protection here, so be sure to bring sunscreen for day games.

A great value for bringing the entire family IF (and it's a big IF) you can handle the rowdiness that the bleachers are known for.


Legends Suite 11-29:
Unless you have tons of money to burn, you probably won't get your money's worth for a child's ticket in these sections. Also, these sections are close to the field, so unless you are sitting behind the protective netting around the plate, you'll need to be alert for foul balls and errant throws...which can be difficult with a child crawling over you.

Best Seats for The Social Scene in Yankee Stadium


Notorious for rowdiness, the low ticket price (starting at $5) make these seats popular among college students and young professionals.


Alcohol-free Grandstand Sections 407A and 433:
Alcohol is not sold, nor allowed to be consumed, in these sections.

Best Seats for Impressing Guests at Yankee Stadium


Legends Suite 11-29:
The first few rows behind the plate and around the dugouts with luxurious, padded, theatre-type seats. Simply the most comfortable seats with the best view in the ballpark, where you'll be close to the action on the field, "A-list" celebrities, and Australian models. For high-rollers only.

Field Level/Field MVP sections 114A-127A:
Just a few rows behind the Legends Suite sections, these offer a great view.


Getting tickets to a Yankees game can be impressive enough in itself especially if you are going to a playoff or World Series game or taking a first-time out-of-town visitor. Although most seats will work, you may want to spend a few more bucks and avoid these sections, Mr. Well-connected high-roller:

Bleacher Sections 201 & 239:
These $5 outfield bleacher sections have obstructed views of part of the outfield by the Batter's Eye Cafe. Seats in section 201 will not see the action in leftfield, section 239 has obstructed views of rightfield.

Grandstand Sections 405-410 & 430A-434B:
These outfield highest level deck seats are just a long way away from the action.

Best Seats for Getting a Baseball at Yankee Stadium


Field Sections 103,104,132-136:
Bring your glove, because this is the place to be during batting practice (or games) to catch homeruns. Gates open 2 hours before gametime, allowing you the opportunity to be there for the end of Yankees batting practice, which runs from 2½ hours before game time to roughly 1-hour,40-minutes (100 minutes) before, with visitors BP running from 1½ hours through 45 minutes prior to gametime. Note that for certain day games, the teams might not take batting practice, particularly late in the season.

Sections 105,106, rows 14 and lower
Right field lower deck sections that are not covered by the upper deck. There aren't a lot of rows in these sections where you will catch a ball, but these are close to the foul pole, so the odds are good in these rows if you show up early enough for batting practice.

"Main" Sections 205-206
Right field upper deck sections that overhang the lower level. Perfect landing spot for left-handed hitters homeruns.


Sections 105,106, rows 14 and higher:
On a seating chart, they look like a good place to catch homeruns, but beware that only the first few rows in these sections are not covered by the upper deck. The home runs will land in the upper deck (sections 205 & 206).

400-level seating:
Never say never, but these seats are a long way from the playing field.

Best Seats for Getting Autographs in Yankee Stadium


Field Sections 110-111:
Located down the right field (Yankees) side of the field, the best time to be here is the time gates open (2 hours before gametime) until the Yankees are finished taking batting practice (approximately 20-30 minutes after gates open). Fans are allowed to hang out in these sections for most regular season games during batting practice (although those with tickets will always have preference), you may catch some Yankees making their way to the dugout during batting practice. Note that many teams skip batting practice before day games, especially on the hotter days of summer.

Field Sections 129-130:
These seats are down the left field line, making them the best spot to get the visitors autographs. The visitors will be on the field from approximately 1 hour 40 minutes thru 45 minutes before gametime, while they are taking batting practice. Beware that sometimes teams will skip batting practice before day games.


Showing up less than 45 minutes before gametime:
MLB rules prohibit players from signing autographs any time after 45 minutes prior to gametime. Be sure to get there early!

Unique seats at Yankee Stadium

Batter's Eye:
These outdoor seats, available for individuals or groups, sit in straight away centerfield in the Batter's Eye Cafe. More information on this option is located here

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