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Fenway Park General Information

Fenway Park Attendance
Average: 37,400
Capacity: 37,400 (SOLD OUT)
Red Sox Ticket Availability:
Although the multi-year sellout streak at Fenway Park ended early in the 2013 season, you can expect Fenway Park to be at capacity for the entire season as the Red Sox again look to contend for the World Series crown. As a result, very few tickets will be available through the Red Sox Box Office, but the secondary ticket market is very active. You'll find the best prices (some BELOW face value) at reputable online ticket brokers like Ticket Network and Awesome Seating, and the widest selection at Stub Hub. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats. That said, you can still expect to pay a premium for games on Opening Day, Patriots Day, and all Yankee games, as market value is higher for these ones.
Public transportation around Boston is good, and getting to Fenway via bus or the subway system is simple. If you are going by car, parking near the stadium can be difficult - we highly recommend you BUY YOUR PARKING IN ADVANCE ONLINE and save the hassle on gameday.
Note About Seating at Fenway:
One historical feature of Fenway is the wooden seats which date back to the 1930's, and are used in the Grandstand sections 1-33. The seats are smaller than the modern ballpark seat (which aren't that big themselves), and not known for comfort. Large people will probably not enjoy sitting in these seats.
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Best View at Fenway Park


Field Box 21-76:
Although these run anywhere from $100 to $250 each on Ticket Network, the chance to sit this close to the action in a classic ballpark might be worth it to you. You'll pay a little more the closer you sit to home plate. We like sections 21-32 down the first base line because they are close to the Red Sox dugout, and because they offer the perfect view of the Green Monster.

Loge Box Sections 108-152, rows DD and higher:
These are located on the lower level, just behind the Field Box seats just described. These can be found for around $100 online, and again, we like the seats along the first base line (sections 108-124). Avoid the first few rows of these sections (rows AA-CC) because there is a walkway right in front of these sections that could be distracting.

Dell EMC Club sections 1-6:
Perfect birds-eye view of the entire playing surface from the second level behind the plate, these sections are located about where the press box is in most stadiums. They come with a padded seat and provide you with access to the Dell EMC Club, an air-conditioned VIP clubhouse. Although these seats are sold on a season-ticket basis only, we've been able to find them online for most games. They run about $350-$400 each.


Although Fenway Park is a small, intimate ballpark, THERE ARE MANY OBSTRUCTED VIEW SEATS that you'll want to avoid if looking for a great view.

Grandstand Sections 11-12, 26-29 - HIGH ROWS:
There are many poles in these sections, leading to obstructed views - unless you can get the first few rows. Tickets will be marked with "Obstructed View" on them if 2 or more elements of the game (pitcher, batter, or base) are blocked by a pole. If only 1 element is blocked, the tickets do not need to be labeled as "Obstructed View" -- even though the seats may have a pole in the way of some of the action.

Loge Box Seats, rows AA-CC:
These seats will be stamped "Walkway Advisory", as you will have people walking in front of you during the game and in between innings. These are discounted in price a little, but if you're truly looking for a great view, your better off sitting a few rows back.

Best Value for Red Sox games


Lower Bleacher Sections 34-43:
First, to clarify, the seats are no longer bleachers, but standard folding seats with armrest and back. Although not the very best view, these do get you in a classic sold-out ballpark, with no obstructed views and without busting the budget. Tickets have been seen for as little as $11 on Vivid Seats . The bleachers do have a reputation for being rowdy, but with the high cost of tickets lately, a broader mix of fans are sitting in these sections because of the value proposition.

RightField Box 95-97:
Very comparable to the more pricey Loge Box, but without the high traffic risk or the obstructed views of the Outfield Grandstand just behind these sections. These are just a little further down the Right Field line, but go for about $50 (instead of $100 in adjacent sections).


Green Monster Sections 1-10:
Because of their uniqueness, these are some of the most sought after tickets in all of baseball. Capacity is only 269 here, and tickets go for around $400 - when you can find them. If you are looking for value, these are not the sections (unless you can somehow snag Standing Room Only up here at face value!).

Best Seats for Families at Fenway Park

Children 2 and under do not require a ticket.


Grandstand Section 32:
Alcohol is not sold nor allowed to be consumed in this section (along with Section 33). Additionally, most seats here are covered by the upper deck, offering some protection from the sun and rain. There is a pole in this section, so there's a chance you'll have an obstructed view here - which may not be an issue for a younger child that is not that into the game anyway. Additionally, rows 8 and higher may have obstructed views of flyballs while they're in the air.

Grandstand Sections 5-31:
Most seats will be covered by the upper deck, providing protection from the elements. However, there will be obstructed view seats in these sections.


Upper Bleachers 36-43:
The price on these seats (as low as $11) is very tempting, especially when paying full price for your child's ticket. Be warned that the action is so far away from these DEEP Right Center Field seats that it may not hold your own attention, let alone a child's.

Best Seats for The Social Scene at Fenway

Some would argue that the entire ballpark is a social scene. If you've been there, it's hard to argue against that.


Dell EMC Club 1-6 & Pavilion Club (PC 2-12, HPPC 1-5):
These sections offer access to private clubs that stay open a little after the game, and also offer in-seat beverage service.

Though not as rowdy as in the old days, the lower cost of these tickets make these an attractive option for college students and young professionals alike. They can be found for as little as $11 on Vivid Seats.

Bud Deck Barstools and Tables:
These ticketed seats in the rightfield corner may be far removed from the action on the field, but are close to the drink stands...


Alcohol-Free Sections 32-33:
Alcohol is not sold, nor allowed to be consumed, in these sections down the left field line near the Green Monster.

Leaving early:
Don't miss the entire stadium singing "Sweet Caroline" in the middle of the 8th inning. The story of this tradition and song lyrics can be found here

Best Seats for Impressing Guests at Red Sox games


Dell EMC Club 1-6:
In addition to offering one of the best views in the ballpark, these padded seats also offer access to the Dell EMC Club, an elegant VIP clubhouse located on the first level behind homeplate. We've found tickets for about $350 available on Ticket Network. More info is available on the Red Sox official site.

State Street Pavilion Club/Home Plate Pavilion Club:
Face Value $170-$220; Slightly higher view than Dell EMC Club, includes the convenience of in-seat food and beverage service, padded seating and access to a private lounge.

Dugout Seats D9-80:
Not only do these seats offer an extremely close view of the action, they also include access to the Absolut Clubhouse, a private bar which is a good place to enjoy food before or during the game.


Although getting tickets to a Sox game is impressive enough, if you want to seal the deal, you may want to avoid the following...
Upper Bleachers 36-43:
These seats out in deep Right Field are far from action, with some seats obstructed by scoreboard

Fenway Park's Best Sections for Getting a Baseball


Monster Sections M1-10, Right Field Box 87-93, Landsdowne Street:
The place to be during batting practice (or games) to catch homeruns. Gates open 2 hours before gametime on weekends, and 90 minutes before gametime on Monday thru Thursday. Red Sox batting practice will run from 2.5 hours before game time to roughly 1-hour,40-minutes (100 minutes) before, with visitors BP running from 90 minutes through 45 minutes prior to gametime. Be sure to get in early to get a home run ball.

Loge Box 150-163, Right Field Box 93-97:
These sections are in foul territory down the left and right field lines, and the ideal spot to get foul pops.


Field Box 41-48, Loge 127-133, and Grandstand sections 19-22:
Behind the net behind homeplate.

Grandstand sections, rows 8 & higher:
Because these are tucked back beneath the upper decks, balls just don't make their way back here.

Best Seats for Getting Autographs at Fenway Park


Field Box sections 1AA - 20, and 70-82 (front row):
These are the best places to get autographs of the teams during their batting practice. The best time to get Sox autographs is from the time the gates open until 90 minutes before game time (sections 1AA-20) you will need to head straight there and hope there are some players lingering around. Get visitor's autographs around Sections 70-82, while the players are out for stretching and batting practice from 45-90 minutes before the game. You don't necessarily need a seat in these sections to be there during batting practice, but beware that the ushers may ask you to leave if you don't have a ticket for the section.

Bleachers Sections 40-43, Right Field Box 87:
Adjacent the bullpens. Make your way down to the front row, and ask a player (in a friendly manner) that is not too busy to increase your chances. Players typically are allowed to sign any time up to 45 minutes before gametime, so be sure to get there early.

Autograph Alley on Yawkey Way
Before every home game, a former Red Sox player, coach, or personality signs autographs in the team store on Yawkey Way - essentially on the 3rd Base side of the field. .


Showing up less than 45 minutes before gametime:
MLB rules prohibit players from signing during this timeframe

Fenway Park's unique seats


Green Monster Sections 1-10
Probably the most unique seats in all of baseball, there are only 269 of these available for each game. At 315 ft from homeplate, you literally feel you are on top of the action - because you are! Stubhub is the best place to find these seats. You'll definitely pay a premium ($200+), but it is well worth it to sit in the most unique seats in the most unique ballpark. The only drawbacks from up here are no view of the Green Monster itself, and you will lose visibility of fly balls to the left field warning track.

Right Field Box 93:
This section is right by the Pesky Pole in right field; the seats actually face centerfield, so you will be looking to your left for pretty much the entire game. No, they don't build them like this anymore.

Seats in Right Field actually face Center Field!

Fenway Park Section 93 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData


Missing out
This is the most unique ballpark in the majors!

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